Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing Today

With increased internet usage over the years, there has been some recognition of the importance of digital marketing. However, companies still rely on traditional marketing as opposed to digital marketing, and more focus is given to traditional marketing platforms and strategies.

For instance, we still see a high usage of fliers and brochures being used, as well as reliance on print and broadcast media to reach the target audience.

Considering that most consumers spend more time online than they do reading leaflets or newspapers, or watching television, there is an urgent need for businesses to shift to digital marketing instead. Through online platforms, brands and products can be marketed with ease and speed.

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Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

A significant number of businesses that operate online are also small businesses. From home bakers to small cafes and restaurants to small-scale production to web designers, these are not only small businesses but also rely on the internet and social media to spread the word about their business and connect with clients and customers.

People too, go online to look for small business owners for services or products. For instance, when looking for an artist to work with, most people will check online, where they can have a look at the artist’s work and even talk to people the artist has worked with. It is thus clear that small business owners can boost their brand or business online.

However, it isn’t sufficient for a small business to maintain social media accounts only. They need to take it a step further with a digital marketing strategy. Even when looking at social media presence or usage, a small business must go beyond having an active account.

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