Data Intelligence Services

It is important to understand the huge amount of customer data that is available to a business across a variety of channels. Our Data Intelligence Services aim to help businesses find new customers, identify cross-selling opportunities while also retaining existing customers. We bring together business and functional knowledge with state of the art analytical techniques to harness the power of data.

We implement Data Intelligence Services which allows rich segmentation and classification of your business customers, enabling you to find and understand your customers along with their interests and preferences.

We deploy a detailed and sophisticated solution available to organise your data streams and combine them into a single 360 view of customer understanding and data intelligence. Ontomatrix Data Intelligence Services focus on,

  • Understanding the characteristics of your customers in terms of demographic, geolocation and life stlye.
  • Identifying new sales opportunities for your business based on buying patterns and purchasing behavior.
  • Improve the quality and value of your customer data for better intelligence and analysis
  • Aligning services to individual customer needs and business objectives using findings and recommendations