EMail and SMS Marketing

Email/SMS marketing enables businesses to target messages to the right customer at the right time in a fast and cheaper way.

We make sure you have a clear email marketing strategy and your emails looks great by checking with our designers who develop high quality email templates that attracts your audience and maximises response rates. We also create and manage personalised Email/SMS campaigns using state of the art email software.

We work with the client in selecting an appropriate and reputable email service provider for email marketing that manages mailing lists, delivers emails and tracks the responses. We also consider what is relevant to the recipient such as personalisation in the subject line, salutation and segnentation of the mailing list in to different interest groups which would ensure greater relevancy.

Ontomatrix Email/SMS Marketing services include:

  • Personalised targeting
  • Enterprise email management
  • Designing creative email templates
  • Email/SMS Campaign management
  • Measure Email/SMS marketing campaign success